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DIY refill laundry PACK
  • DIY refill laundry PACK

DIY refill laundry PACK

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Discovery pack including:

1 glass bottle of 1 l

3 DIY laundry bags that's almost 36 washes

100% NATURAL, EFFECTIVE from 30 °, ALL textiles (black, white, colors)

Only 3 ingredients, NO additives, BIODEGRADABLE.

Come and discover the simplest DIY laundry in the world!


This pack contains

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At PAOS the future is FUN and smells good!

Come and discover the simplest DIY zero waste laundry in the world

The list of benefits of their laundry is long:

  • 100% NATURAL
  • EFFECTIVE from 30 °
  • ALL textiles (black, white, colors)
  • 3 ingredients: Marseille soap (authentic & Ecocert certified), sodium carbonate and French sodium bicarbonate.
  • NO additives (0 perfume, 0 preservative, 0 optical brightener, etc.)
  • BIODEGRADABLE and safe for groundwater
  • SOFT for your skin and for your laundry (hypoallergenic)
  • LIGHT! 1 sachet of 60g = 1 liter of detergent = 12 washes Recyclable packaging 100% PAPER (without plastic film or aluminum inside)

How it works ?

1 - Pour the contents of the sachet into an empty container (ideally an empty glass bottle)

2 - Fill the bottle with 1 liter of hot water (do not fill to the brim to be able to shake, leave about 4 cm) The hotter the water, the faster the mixture will dissolve but be careful not to burn yourself!

3 - Shake for 30 seconds and let stand until dissolved.

Proche Bio PAOS

That's all !

Give it time to dissolve, and if you're in a hurry, a frenzied bartender shake to speed up.

After a few hours, it may change its appearance, don't panic, this is normal, depending on the outside temperature, the ingredients will resume because this detergent has no superfluous ingredients. It will always be just as effective you just have to shake it before using it and it starts again!

His creation

Designed with the students and professors of the Ecole National Supérieur de Chimie de Paris, who after a battery of tests and machines found the right combination of ingredients to make the laundry as effective as possible on the laundry.

How Much Detergent Should I Put in Your Washing Machine?

We advise you to use 80ml for small machines or if your laundry is not too dirty. Suddenly with 1 liter it is almost 12 washes!

Its composition

That natural! Synthetic multi-ingredient detergents have only been around for a few decades and they are everywhere! While for hundreds of years our ancestors washed their clothes with simple, healthy soap-based detergents and it worked great!

Marseille soap

Savon Marseille PAOS

It comes from one of the last soap factories in Marseille using the traditional know-how of a master soap maker (there are 4 left! Out of the 100 at the turn of the century). It is made using the traditional cauldron cooking process (period), based on exclusively vegetable oils (olive oil and coconut oil), without palm oil, or chemical additives (coloring, perfumes, preservatives, etc. etc). It is then reduced to a flake for faster dissolution. This soap is hypoallergenic and washes the laundry of the whole family extremely gently! It is certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Cosmos standard.

Sodium carbonate

Made from chalk and salt, it will increase the pH of the detergent to swell the textile fibers and facilitate the action of the soap on the stains. It will also disinfect your clothes by neutralizing bacteria.

Sodium bicarbonate

Also made from chalk and salt, it will reduce the hardness of the water by neutralizing the minerals to prevent them from interfering with washing.

Why a sachet laundry?

Each year, 7 billion laundry detergents are sold! And most of them end up in plastic cans that when finished end up where they shouldn't be! And in the end, you mainly bought water .... so why not add it yourself and save on the container?

This is why this brand wanted to find a practical solution for a healthy and efficient laundry that could allow us to change our habits without breaking our head too much!

The brand and its commitments

Optimistic in nature, PAOS starts from the principle that if everyone takes PLEASURE consuming CLEAN and ZERO WASTE products, we will all together create a SUSTAINABLE, OPTIMISTIC and COLORFUL world! They started from this idea by establishing their charter on the principle that:

  • It's easier to change your habits when the alternative is BETTER
  • It's easier to keep good habits when you have PLEASURE
  • It's easier to recycle when there is NO WASTE

They wanted to rethink our everyday products so that they do you GOOD, that they give you a SMILE and that they have a minimum IMPACT on our beautiful planet. An entire program !

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