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New products
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You are coming to visit the site of proch'é bio for the first time and you do not know what we are selling, why, at what price?

The organic world calls out to you:

  • Vous avez envie de trouver des produits plus sains, sans zone d'ombre?
  • Are you fed up with the false promisesconveyed by the unscrupulous cosmetics industry?
  • Do you want to employ companies and craftsmen who are passionate and proud of their products?
  • Vous avez envie de produits artisanaux et réellement naturels mais avec de vrais apports bénéfiques pour vous et votre environnement ?

Proch'é Bio is here to offer you this kind of products!

The brands present meet strict specifications:

  • No "big brands" who will spend millions on advertising to the detriment of a real search for the quality of their products. But true craftsmen passionate about their profession.
  • Most of the products come from local agriculture
  • Greener chemistry? Why, for example, add chemical additives, even endocrine disruptors in products just to have more foam or smoother hair, more ... plastic in the end ...
  • These companies are on a human scale, except the multinationals of the CAC40.
  • Minimized ecological impact: from manufacturing, to packaging (simple and maximally recyclable), and their biodegradation.