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Manufactured products,
Processed in France
Local agriculture
Natural products
No unnecessary additives
No disruptors
No palm oil

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New products
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Qui sommes-nous ?

Proch'é Bio

The site was born from a simple observation.

The way we consume has changed for some time, following an ecological and economic awareness. Consume more, why? consume as cheaply as possible, yes, but at what price in the end? All the past scandals on food, cosmetics, accessories ... Make us think about our future way of consuming. Hypermarkets and big brands have disappointed too much and at Proch'é Bio we have decided to move away. Too much disappointment in the products purchased makes the little Proch'é Bio family think twice and we have drawn up a strict charter. Based on this charter, we went in search of new brands, new craftsmen, and always at the fairest price for everyone.

Our charter?

Proch'é Bio privilege of French brands. Why ? because the race at the cheapest possible to its limits. We do not want to participate in buying products that have gone around the planet twice before arriving in your mailbox with questionable origins and catastrophic working conditions.

The brands present on the site meet these criteria:

  • Exclusively organic products
  • Natural products
  • Maximum organic, local and French farming
  • Processed in France
  • Craft methods
  • Greener chemistry (no unnecessary ingredients or additives)
  • Minimized ecological impact : from manufacturing, to packaging (simple and maximally recyclable), and to their biodegradation.
  • Our margin calculated as accurately as possible
  • Most Proche et Bio

What do we sell?

Cosmetics (soaps, balms, deodorants, etc.) but also household cleaning products, laundry and Do it Yourself (DIY)

We are always looking for something new.

So do not hesitate to come regularly to the site!