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Skin Care

Localized dryness, desire for a new skin, acne and redness problems ... Proch'é bio offers you its range of natural, organic and French skincare products.


  • Scrub / exfoliant
    <p>Find our skin care range for gentle and natural exfoliation.</p>
  • Balm
    <p>Find our range of lip balm, for the body, moisturizing or repairing. Organic made in France. Natural, without chemical additives but just as effective.</p>
  • Acne / Redness
    <p>Range of natural and organic treatments to reduce the unwanted effects of acne and skin redness</p>
  • Makeup remover
    <p>Range of natural and organic skincare products to help you remove traces of make-up and regain clean skin free of impurities.</p>

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