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Discover all the range of organic products. Cosmetics, Soaps, food supplements ....


  • Organic soaps
    <p>Find the soaps, liquid or solid, labeled Organic. These soaps only contain healthy and natural ingredients.</p>
  • Organic cosmetics
    <p>Find our range of organic cosmetics, respectful of the environment and your skin.</p>
  • Our clients tell you...
    <p>Who better than our customers to tell you about our products? find the sincere opinions of our customers</p>
  • Baby special
    <p>Find our range of organic products usable by the whole family and also baby. Always French, always made from natural products that respect the environment and obviously with respect for the most sensitive skin.</p>
  • Home
    <p>For a healthier and cleaner home. Proch'é Bio wide choice of natural, organic and French products for the maintenance of the whole house.</p>
  • Wholesale
    <p>Why not place a large order for your cosmetics or cleaning products? Buy your products in bulk in large quantities is more economical and ultimately more ecological, less waste. Think big and make significant savings and always close and organic. Attention longer delivery times (between 2 and 3 weeks)</p>
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