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Organic cosmetics

Find our range of organic cosmetics, respectful of the environment and your skin.


  • Deodorants
    <p>Our deodorants are guaranteed without aluminum salts, natural and respectful of the environment and your body.</p>
  • Beard care
    <p>Find our range of natural beard care, organic and made in France. Shaving soaps, balms all at the best price</p>
  • Hydration
    <p>Gently hydrate your body and face. Proch'é Bio is a whole range of natural and French organic products.</p>
  • Skin Care
    <p>Localized dryness, desire for a new skin, acne and redness problems ... Proch'é bio offers you its range of natural, organic and French skincare products.</p>

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Déodorant palmarosa BIO
Déodorant palmarosa BIO
Le déodorant neutre de Solibio vous surprendra par sa discrétion et son efficacité alors qu’il est exempt de tous les sels métalliques qui font...
€6.90 Price