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Body and hands

For daily washing of your body or for the hygiene of your hands. Find our selection of natural soaps.


  • Liquid soap
    <p>Practical format to put on the edge of a sink in order to remember to wash your hands regularly. Or to wash off completely.</p>
  • Solid soap
    <p>The most economical, most ecological format. All our soaps are sent in recycled and recyclable packaging.</p>
  • Shampoos
    <p>Find the Proch'é Bio range to wash and take care of hair naturally</p>
  • Special hands
    <p>With the health crisis against Covid 19 that we are experiencing, we must wash our hands much more regularly. But using too much hydroalcoholic gel or too aggressive soaps can damage our hands especially at the approach of winter. Discover our selection of soaps that will be just as effective and that will be gentle on your hands.</p>

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